El Rio Mobile Home Park Cooperative

Rules & Regultions

Preamble to the Operating Rules

El Rio is a co-operatively operated and member-owned Park. This special circumstance allows a unique and rare opportunity to reside in this otherwise exclusive geographic area. Our Co-op provides the enjoyment of property ownership to a diverse group of people with low incomes and creates a legacy for future members and tenants.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure a “comfortable living circumstance” for all of our members by encouraging members and their guests to treat one another and our common space with respect and consideration.

The challenge of providing for the different desires of all current and future members of the Co-op is apparent. These rules are written to provide every member and their guests with text that can be applied equally and fairly. Consideration must be given to many unforeseen circumstances and the inherent ambiguity of language. Understanding is our reward.

Please look to these pages and keep in mind the peace that comes from taking into account the consideration of others’ needs in conjunction with your own.

1. Architectural Control (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 06/01/15)

  • Members are required to consult with Management before making any alterations to their space or coach. Members may be required to submit an Architectural Review Request Form (ARRF) to begin an approval process. Any denials from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) may be appealed by written request to the Board of Directors.
  • All new or used mobile homes brought into El Rio Mobile Home Park must comply with the New Coach Move-in Application.
  • All arrears to El Rio Mobile Home Park must be paid in full before the Cooperative will approve any alterations to a member’s space.
  • All mobile homes must be lawfully licensed and registered with the appropriate governmental authority. A copy of one of the following forms must be filed annually with the manager:
    • Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)
    • California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration
    • Local Property Tax receipt
  • No one may remove, alter or reposition lot markers without an HCD permit.
  • All coaches in the Park are subject to HCD regulations, ARC guidelines, and the governing documents of the Cooperative.

2. Utilities (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 06/01/15)

  • Members are responsible for all utility lines running from their mobile home to the Park’s member hook-ups of the utility lines. El Rio maintains all utility infrastructure beyond the point of the member’s hook-up.
  • If you experience a sewerage problem and a plumber determines blockage is below grade, contact Park Management's maintenance service. El Rio's sewer infrastructure is very fragile.
  • All gas, electric, water and sewer connections must be kept in sanitary, safe and leak-proof conditions at all times, and in compliance with all State and local regulations.
  • Utility pedestals cannot be altered without a permit and must be accessible to meter readers. Meters registering no usage due to malfunction will result in residents being billed at last year's usage and the current year's rate.
  • It is recommended that a water pressure regulator be installed at the water hook-up between the coach and the meter.
  • Unimpeded access on the lot must be maintained to the sewer clean out.

3. Sale of Coach and Transfer of Membership
(Revision approved by the Board of Directors 9/14/15)

  • Members must notify the Board of Directors and Manager in writing of intent to sell their home.  Management will then advise the seller of any conditions of sale of the home and membership certificate transfer.  These requirements are explained in the El Rio Co-op Sales Process document.  Escrow will not close until a membership application has been approved by the Board.
  • The Manager is not a sales agent, and only processes the application for transfer of membership, including income verification.
  • The home must meet the health and safety standards listed in the Mobilehome Parks Act.
  • Applicant’s household income must fall within the limits established annually by the Department of Housing & Community Development. Applicant must present proof of ability to meet financial obligations to the Co-op. References and the results of a criminal background check will be taken into consideration.

4. Guests, House Sits, Sublets & Additions to the Household
(Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 05/02/16)

  • A visitor, guest or house sitter is someone who stays either periodically or for short periods in the Member’s coach, but who maintains a separate, primary residence elsewhere.
  • Visitors, guests, in-home caregivers and house sitters shall have no rights of tenancy at El Rio Mobile Home Park.
  • Members may have house sitters for short periods of time. If the Member is to be away for a week or more he or she must advise Park Management in advance of the house sit, provide contact information for the house sitter(s) and a way for Management to contact the Member while he or she is away. House sits in excess of 30 days must have the prior approval of the Board.  Members are responsible for the conduct of their house sitters. House sitters may not utilize Visitor Parking but may park in the Member’s assigned space or in the street outside El Rio.
  • Additions to a member’s household (housemates and family members over 18) must register with the office and complete a basic application for residency including a criminal background check.
  • Family members, housemates, caregivers or guests may not live in a home where the Member does not also reside.
  • Family members who intend to reside full-time with the Member may be added to the Occupancy Agreement.
  • Sublets are permitted under limited circumstances and require prior approval by the Board. Sub-lessees must income-qualify. Sublets may not exceed 12 months. The Sublet procedure & application is available from the office. Allow sufficient time to process and approve the application.
  • A member may not charge housemate(s) or sub-lessee(s) more than necessary to cover housing expenses.

5. Skirting (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 04/07/14)

  • In order to prevent the incursion of wild animals, members are responsible for installing skirting on their coaches and maintaining that skirting in accordance with Title 25 and the California Health and Safety code.
  • Before installing skirting members must obtain written approval from the Architectural Review Committee.

6. Membership Participation Program
(Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 04/07/14)

In order to keep El Rio Mobile Home Park operating costs down, and in the spirit of a Cooperative, we ask that each Member household participate in activities that benefit both our common infrastructure and other members.

  • Each Member household must donate two (2) hours a month toward the betterment of the Co-op and other Members, or pay a fee. A list of current Membership Participation Program (MPP) tasks assigned and available for assignment is posted. Excess hours worked in any given month can be accrued and "banked" for a later date. If you have a question regarding MPP, please talk to the MPP Coordinator or the Property Manager.
  • MPP forms are available on the Office door and are to be turned in at the Office, separate from any other items, before the 15th of the month. Be sure to use MPP forms to avoid a monthly charge.
  • MPP tasks not on the list require Coordinator approval.
  • Sublessess may contribute two hours per month toward MPP.

If no one in a Member’s household is able to contribute work, a medical/disability exemption is available. Obtain an MPP Exemption form from the Property Manager and return it to the office.

7. Landscaping (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 01/2023)

  • The Co-op reserves the right to take over the care of neglected lots and bill the homeowner for this service.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining the front, sides and rear of their space in a weed-free and uncluttered fashion. Members must ensure safe and easy access to their utility meters and sewer clean-outs.
  • Members and park maintenance are prohibited from using Roundup or similar chemical weed killers in the common area. Members are discouraged from using it in their own spaces.
  • Members are required to obtain Board of Director’s approval to remove trees, prune them in excess of 25%, or plant trees in the ground. Members should be aware that we are subject to the City’s Heritage Tree Ordinance.
  • Members are not permitted to plant in the ground invasive plants or trees, or trees likely to grow into heritage-sized trees in their spaces. This includes but is not limited to bamboo, perennial morning glory, yucca, full size avocado, cedar trees, Big Leaf Maple, sycamore, redwood, pine trees, eucalyptus or any plant that may clog sewer lines, interfere with utilities and/or grow into other members’ spaces or the road
  • Members may place removable elevated planters with catch basins on the asphalt under the following conditions:
    • They are within the Member’s lot markers or the Member’s assigned parking area
    • They do not interfere with designated parking
    • They do not present an obstacle for traffic
    • They may be quickly and easily removed
    • They do not leak soil or water or otherwise damage the asphalt
    • Planters on asphalt must be removed during asphalt resurfacing
  • To avoid damage to underground utilities, Members must check with the Park Manager and the Architectural Review Committee before driving posts, rods, stakes, etc. or digging deeper than one (1) foot into any portion of the earth at the front, side or back of coach.

8. Use of the Space (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 04/07/14)

  • Homes, patios, storage sheds, skirting and all space within lot markers must be kept in good repair.
  • Canopies, temporary or permanent, are not allowed on the asphalt common area.
  • Wild and stray animals may not be fed in the Park. Food may not be left outside. Garbage & trash must be disposed of in dumpsters. Compost bins must be covered and secured against animals.
  • Residents may not store anything under coaches, patios, cabanas, decks or exterior stairways.
  • Fences may not be erected in the Park without prior written approval from the Board.
  • Each space in the Park must have its number, two inches or larger, installed in a location that is conspicuous, for fire safety and emergency needs.
  • Designated parking areas must be swept and weed-free.
  • A parking area’s purpose is for parking vehicles. Easily removable items may be placed in parking areas for a period not to exceed six (6) consecutive hours. Items must not obstruct adjacent parking or present a hazard. See Rule 7 regarding placement of pots and planters on the asphalt.

9. Pets (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 03/02/15)

  • Each space is permitted to have two (2) canine/feline pets.
  • Members must register with Management the canine/feline pets living in their homes; and comply with all pet regulations of governmental agencies, including licensing and vaccinations.
  • Dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered.
  • Pets must wear collars and tags identifying the owner and space number.
  • Dogs must be on a leash when not on the owner’s space. Dogs must be properly restrained when on leash and not permitted to jump on other people. Dogs must be properly secured so as to prevent them from escaping and running free.
  • Pet feces must be immediately removed from common areas including the streets, playground and garden, and from individual lots.
  • Except for bird food, leaving food outside for wild or domestic animals is prohibited. Bird food must be elevated.
  • Any resident feeding or caring for a stray animal is consider its owner and is responsible for following all the requirements of this section.

Pet Behavior

Members are responsible for the behavior of pets residing in their homes, including damage to common property or injury caused to another person or pet. In addition, consistently noisy pets e.g. dogs that bark frequently or for long periods, are considered a nuisance and the owner may be asked to modify the pet’s behavior or remove it from the park.

In the event that a dog bites or inflicts serious injury on a person or domestic animal, those having knowledge of the incident must report it to the Santa Cruz County Animal Services Authority.

A hearing will be held before the Coop Board to determine whether an animal should be removed from El Rio, under the following circumstances:

  • A dog that, when unprovoked, bites or attacks a human being or domestic animal, or in a vicious or terrorizing manner approaches any person in apparent attitude of attack, in the common areas;
  • On two or more occasions a dog, while off-leash, causes damage or minor injury, either provoked or unprovoked. Efforts will first be made to get the owner to comply with Coop leash and restraint requirements.
  • Management receives complaints regarding consistently noisy pets, and efforts to correct the situation with the pet owner are unsuccessful.

10. Vehicles (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 08/05/13)

  • Because the Park has no walkways, pedestrians have right of way over all moving vehicles.
  • All Drivers are to drive no faster than five MPH and must observe all posted traffic signs.
  • A continuous roadway for emergency vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances, and garbage trucks must be maintained throughout the Park at all times.
  • Anyone blocking access of garbage trucks on their regular rounds will be charged for the cost of special pickup required when access becomes possible.
  • Cars parked in visitor parking spaces must prominently display a Visitor Parking Permit.
  • Guests of rental units or sublessees must park outside of El Rio Mobile Home Park.
  • If a Member has been granted an additional parking space through prior arrangement with the Board and/or Parking Committee, that additional parking space must be returned to the Park upon the sale of the Member’s coach, or when the circumstance that gave rise to the need for an additional space changes (e.g. a member of the household moves out).
  • No vehicles that are inoperable or lacking current registration for use on a public street may be parked within El Rio. Appeals due to special circumstances may be directed to the Board of Directors. Vehicles that are inoperable or lacking current registration as defined in this section are subject to the El Rio tow procedures.
  • No major car repair is permitted on driveways, parking areas, or streets. Any damage to asphalt caused by a member's car will be charged to that member.

Towing of Cars in El Rio

  • El Rio Members are responsible for paying all towing and storage charges as a result of their vehicles being towed. 
  • Vehicles parked in “no parking areas”, or vehicles that need to be removed for safety reasons (i.e. parked in fire lanes) can be towed immediately without prior notice to the owner. 
  • Residents must park in their designated parking areas.  Residents who do otherwise are subject to the towing procedure.
  • Residents and Guests must not park in a neighbor’s designated parking space without that neighbor’s express permission. Those who do otherwise are subject to the towing procedure. 
  • Vehicles which are inoperable or lacking current registration, as defined above, are subject to the towing procedure.

11. Conduct (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 06/02/14)

  • No loud talking, radio, television or other noise between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.  Sound shall be kept at a reasonable level at all times so you will not annoy neighbors.
  • No private businesses may be conducted that impact Co-op common areas or neighbors.  Residents may not utilize Co-op facilities or Visitor Parking for Business purposes.  Increased noise or traffic, including pedestrian traffic, related to private business, will be deemed a nuisance.
  • Public intoxication or other nuisances are prohibited at all times.
  • Trespassing on any mobilehome owner’s space is prohibited.
  • Harassing behavior will not be tolerated, members are encouraged to call police if necessary.

12. Garbage (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 06/02/14)

  • No storage of household garbage or recyclable refuse is permitted outside at individual lots.
  • All garbage must be placed in the dumpsters provided.  No garbage may be put in the recycle bins.
  • Recyclable refuse should be placed in the appropriate recycling containers.  No recycling or garbage may be put in the cardboard bin.
  • Place only green waste (plant materials) in the green waste bins.  No rocks or soil in the green waste bins.
  • Do not place garbage, recyclable items or furniture on ground outside of dumpsters, recycling bins or anywhere on the common area.
  • Compost and worm bins must be made secure to prevent invasion by animals.
  • Expenses incurred by the Coop due to improper disposal of garbage or recycled materials will be charged to the Member responsible.

13. Recreation Facilities (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 06/03/13)

  • The El Rio recreation hall and the children's playground are provided for the exclusive use of Park Members and their guests.
  • Hours of use are 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Scheduled El Rio meetings and membership functions take precedence over any other use of the recreation hall and playground.
  • Guests must be accompanied by a Member.
  • The rec hall and children’s playground may be reserved by El Rio members only if the Member is in attendance. The Member must fill out, and is responsible for compliance with, a Recreational Facility Request Form.
  • No commercial use of these common areas is allowed.
  • El Rio’s recreational facilities are to be used at resident’s and guest’s own risk.

14. Utility Area/Laundry (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 01/05/15)

  • Laundry facilities are for residents’ use only, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • The Laundry Room sink and toilet may not be used for daily personal hygiene.
  • Leave washing machines, dryers and laundry room clean.
  • No tinting or dying is allowed in machines.
  • The Laundry Room door must be locked when residents are not in building (per El Rio insurance requirement.)
  • The Laundry Room giveaway area is a project maintained by Co-op Members. Please help keep all areas of the Laundry Room tidy, including the giveaway area.
  • Large and difficult-to-move items may not be disposed of inside or outside of the Laundry Room.
  • All laundry must be removed from machines and from outside drying lines promptly.

15. Occupancy Agreement (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 09/14/15)

  • All Members are required to have a current, executed Occupancy Agreement on file in the co-op office and abide by said agreement at all times.
  • The Cooperative assessment, paid monthly, includes the Member's household members as listed on the Occupancy Agreement. The names on the Occupancy Agreement may be changed or added with the written authorization of Management, in accordance with Board policies, and must be kept current.
  • Each household must have a full-time resident who is a Member.

16. Smoking (Revision Approved by the Board of Directors 01/05/15)

  • Smoking is not permitted in any El Rio building, roadway or outdoor common area; and cannot present a nuisance to other residents.